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//Help [19 Aug 2006|01:40am]

I can't get Zsnes Emulation to work. It's a black screen. I get the stuff at the bottom of the screen. Then it goes blank. and I get nothing, no sound or video.
Any ideas?
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Killer Instinct mini tourney [09 Oct 2005|11:24pm]
I and some my friends decided to make mini KI tourney. Who wanna to join & play with us - welcome http://nfk.pqr.ru/tourney/?sid=1. To register, press Signups.

To play we use ZSNES 1.42n (http://nsrt.edgeemu.com/forum/download.php?id=193 and Killer Instinct rom (http://nfk.pqr.ru/files/killer_instinct.zip

Rules are simple:
1. Not use Eyedol
2. Easy combobreakers off
3. All games are going for 9 victories
4. If one of participants wish, you can change player (1-2) after 2 games. You can do it at ZSNES window, where is chat.

All games you will see at This site. Good luck.
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Parodius [03 Aug 2005|11:59pm]

So..who's got parodius?
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HELP!!! [20 Apr 2005|09:27pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

www.Zbattle.net or whatever it is hates me. 

It said my e mail is blocked. No not blocked, BANNED. 

All 3 of my personal e mail addresses.  what the hell?? 

I've never even been that site before, how can I be banned??  So confused. 

 Somebody help me, help me, help me.

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ROMS [07 Apr 2005|05:46pm]

I have over 700 roms for my ZSNES. Um, so, I have ZSNES on my computer, but what's this about gaming over ine internet? Someone fill me in.
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Yo. [08 Jan 2005|05:13pm]
I've got:
Contra III
Smash TV
Tetris Attack (such an awesome game)
Zombies Ate My Neighbors

I'll play anytime someone's up for it. =D
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Welcome! [09 Nov 2004|11:02pm]

Welcome to my new community!

I started this community tonight out of boredom and the want to play zsnes's netplay feature over the internet, but couldn't find anybody! even on Zbattle.net. Hopefully people will join and play, I'm up for a game of anything really, but I have to admit that I dont have very many roms on this computer, so I hope no one minds sending me what they want to play.

Right now I have SSF2, Battletoads, and Tetris Attack.
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