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Killer Instinct mini tourney

I and some my friends decided to make mini KI tourney. Who wanna to join & play with us - welcome http://nfk.pqr.ru/tourney/?sid=1. To register, press Signups.

To play we use ZSNES 1.42n (http://nsrt.edgeemu.com/forum/download.php?id=193 and Killer Instinct rom (http://nfk.pqr.ru/files/killer_instinct.zip

Rules are simple:
1. Not use Eyedol
2. Easy combobreakers off
3. All games are going for 9 victories
4. If one of participants wish, you can change player (1-2) after 2 games. You can do it at ZSNES window, where is chat.

All games you will see at This site. Good luck.
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